Hyperovals in Desarguesian Planes: An Electronic Update

Welcome to my Hyperovals web page. This page is an experimental attempt to more fully utilize the capabilities of the World Wide Web as a mathematical research tool. At present the page just contains an electronic survey paper and some auxillary files, but future plans are to expand the page to include more details on individual hyperovals and their characteristics.

The electronic paper is an updating of two earlier surveys ([Ch88] and [Ch96]) concerned with the hyperovals in Desarguesian planes of even order, however, we should mention a more comprehensive print survey by Korchmáros [Ko91] which deals with ovals and related structures in arbitrary projective planes. Much of the work reported here is too recent to have been included in [Ko91]. A comment made in [Ch96];

``Progress in this area has been so rapid during the past two years that it is most likely that this paper will be out of date before it is published, ...''
has turned out to be prophetically true. To avoid repetitions of this problem we have turned to this electronic format, hoping that its timely updating and accessibility will be of value to the mathematical community.

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