Recent Presentations

Using Duality
  (.pdf file)
MAA Sectional Meeting
8 April 2011
So if its round its a circle, right?
 (.pdf file) - (general math audience)
Univ. Wyoming Math Dept. Colloquia31 March 2011
Parallelisms of Quadrics
    (.ppt file)
4th Pythagorean Conference
Corfu, Greece
31 May 2010
Schoolgirls Walk in Space
    (.ppt file)
MAA Sectional Meeting
Ft. Collins
17 April 2010
Bilinear Flocks and Translation Planes
    (.pdf file)
Rocky Mountain Discrete Math Day
20 June 2009
Permutation Polynomials, Flocks and Flokki
    (.pdf file)
Rocky Mountain Alg. Comb. Seminar
Ft. Collins
8 May 2009
The Ubiquitous Translation Hyperoval Revisited
    (.pdf file)
San Antonio, TX
28 March 2009
Ovals in Hall Planes
    (.pdf file)
Chat Ho Memorial Conference
Gainesville, FL
22 Feb. 2008
Ovals and Hyperovals in Hall Planes
    (.pdf file)
Rocky Mountain Alg. Combin. Seminar
Ft. Collins
28 Sept. 2007
Designs, Fans and Ovoids in PG(3,q)
    (.pdf file)
Rocky Mountain Alg. Combin. Seminar
Ft. Collins
1 Dec. 2006
Constructing a Tits Ovoid from an Elliptic Quadric
    (.pdf file)
Combinatorics 2006 - Ischia, Italy 1 July 2006
On Generalizing the Concept of a Conic
(general math audience)
Denver University Math Dept. Colloquia29 April 2005
Open Problems in Sharply and Hyperfocused ArcsUCD Discrete Math Seminar19 April 2005
Hölz DesignsRocky Mountain Alg. Combinatorics Sem.
Ft. Collins, CO
5 Nov 2004
Embedding 1-factorizations of complete graphs
in PG(2,q)
Inter. Conf. on Incidence Geometry
La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium
28 May 2004
The Automorphism Group of My Favorite HyperovalRocky Mountain Alg. Combinatorics Sem.
Ft. Collins, CO
5 Dec 2003
Sharply and Super Sharply Focused Arcs
in Desarguesian Planes
Special Session on Finite Geometries
AMS regional meeting, Boulder CO
Oct 2003
Should I Reference My Computer?
(general math audience)
Trinity University Math Dept. Colloquia
San Antonio, TX
18 April 2003
Flocks of Cones: Star Flocks1st Irsee Conf. on Finite Geometry
Irsee, Germany
Feb 2003
What is cyclic about a cyclic q-clan?Combinatorics 2002
Maretea, Italy
June 2002
Flocks of Cones: A Revolution in Perspective
(general combinatorics audience)
Cumberland Conference
Oxford, MS
April 2002
Algebra and Geometry: Uncomfortable Allies
(general undergraduate audience)
Mu Alpha Theta Nat. Conv.
Denver, CO
July 2001
Flocks of Cones: Herd Spaces18th British Combinatorial Conference
Brighton, England
July 2001

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