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William Edward Cherowitzo

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Ph. D. (1983)
Columbia University, Mathematics
M. Phil. (1983)
Columbia University, Mathematics
M. A. (1973)
Columbia University, Mathematics
B. S. (1969)
City College of the City University of New York (CCNY), Social Psychology

Professional Experience

2005 - present Professor , University of Colorado at Denver

1990 - 2005 Associate Professor , University of Colorado at Denver

1983 - 1990 Assistant Professor, University of Colorado at Denver

1979 - 1982 Full-time Instructor, Allegheny College (PA)

1977 - 1979 Full-time Instructor, Michigan State University

1971 - 1977 Teaching assistant for calculus (3 years), instructor for pre-calculus, basic and intermediate algebra (4 years), Columbia University

1969 - 1971 High school instructor in mathematics and the physical sciences, Queens Day Prep School (NYC)

Related Experience

1982 - 1983 (July) Developed and ran the Allegheny College Summer High School Enrichment Program in Math and Computing.

1976 - 1978 In-Charge (Administrative Head) of the Math Department of Columbia University for Summer Session. (July-Sept.)

1974 - 1975 Student Graduate Advisor for the Math Department of Columbia University.

1973 - 1974 Developed and implemented a student teaching training and evaluation program for the graduate teaching assistants of the Columbia University Math Department.


On the Extension of Pre-Oval Configurations

(Thesis Supervisor - Prof. P.X. Gallagher, Columbia University)


C.N.R. Visiting Professor, Nov. 1988 (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Universitá di Roma, Italy)

Visiting Professor, June 1996 (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Visiting Professor, May 1998 (Universitá di Perugia, Italy)

Professional Societies