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Over the past year+ the undergraduate committee has been trying to plan activities for the undergraduate math majors that interesting, enjoyable and informative. The first activity, showing the film about Paul Erdös, was very well attended, but the others (Proof, Scavenger Hunt) had very low turnouts. Help us figure out what we've done wrong, and what would be appealing in the future.

What factors are most important to you in determining whether or not you will attend an activity (check all that apply):
Time of day of the activity
How busy I am
What the activity is about
How much math is involved in the activity

Would you be more interested in:
Passive activities, like talks, films, etc. or Active activities, like contests, games, group activities, etc.

How much mathematical content would you be interested in:
A lot
Advanced Math content

What kinds of activities would you be interested in?

Any comments about activities?

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Responses will be posted next month.

Last Survey - Advising

There were no responses to this survey.

We are in the process of examining our efforts in advising math majors. Let us know what your experience has been with our advising program.

Do you know who your advisor is?

How often have you sought out your advisor?

If you've seen an advisor, what is the quality of the advise you got?

In some programs across the country advising is compulsory (for instance, a major is not allowed to register for classes unless they have seen an advisor). Do you think we should move in this direction?

Any comments about advising.

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