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Each month we will run a prize contest. The rules are simple:

  1. You must be an undergraduate math major to enter.
  2. The winner is the first person to provide the correct answer to the contest. If there are multiple parts, all parts must be correct.
  3. Entries can be made only by responding on this web page.
The status of the contest will be reported (on this page) each Friday until a winner surfaces. Multiple entries are allowed, but no more than one per week.

This Month's Contest

Prize: A copy of "My Brain is OP E N < > The Mathematical Journeys of Paul Erdös" by Bruce Schechter

Contest: Correctly identify these three members of the faculty/staff of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Hint: All are members of the undergraduate committee of the Mathematical Sciences Department at UCDHSC.




Only one entry (not correct) was made last month.

Last Contest

Prize: A $25 gift certificate from the Auraria Book Store

Jeff Kenyon was the winner of this contest. Also submitting correct entries were Michael Vowells, Andrew Hill, and Kenny Burgher.

SUDOKU puzzles have become very popular recently. The rules are simple, just enter the digits 1 - 9 in each cell of the 9 × 9 grid so that each digit appears just once in each row, once in each column and once in each of the 3 × 3 subsquares.

Complete and submit your solution to this SUDOKU puzzle. Submit your entry to Bill Cherowitzo's mailbox in the Math Department office. Please put your name and the time of submission on your entry. The first correct entry received will win. (Print out this page to get a copy of the puzzle to submit.)

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