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March Survey - Careers
There were 4 responses to this survey. The results were:

  1. Do you think that the department is doing enough to help students prepare for careers:
    Yes - 0
    OK, but it could do a little more - 1
    No, it needs to do much more - 2
    I don't have an opinion - 1

  2. Which of the following would you be interested in (check as many as you like):
    More written information - 2
    A designated faculty "Career Advisor" - 2
    Outside speakers from industry - 1
    A "Career Day" program - 2
    An ongoing "Career Seminar" - 2
    A dedicated job posting in the department offices - 3
    Job postings in the MERC Lab - 2
    Help in getting jobs - 2

  3. Is there anything else that you think we should be doing? 1 comment
    I feel that the Math Clinic is an excellent chance to learn about the math career field. However, until I finally reached the Math Clinic class, I thought being an Actuary was the only option available, besides being a teacher. Thus, it seems crucial to demonstrate fields like OR and other math oriented careers early on, or there will be other students that do not pursue mathematics in fear of not finding a job after school. Also, to be honest, I didn't start as a Math Major, and was actually a CS student that followed his true ambition instead of considering my lack of career options.
November/February Survey - Math Clinics
There were 2 responses to this survey.

I am an Undergraduate (1) Graduate (1) student.

I have taken (1) not taken (1) a Math Clinic course.

Answer only if you have taken a math clinic: I found the experience to be the pits (1)

..................................................................................    Please respond to the following questions.

  1. Do you consider the specific goals of the math clinic listed above to be valuable to you? Highly (1) Perhaps (1)

  2. Do you think that the goals mentioned above, if achieved, would be of benefit to all math majors? Yes (1) Some - but not all (1)

  3. Supposing that the math clinic was not a required course for you, would you still take the class? Most likely (1) Depends on (time/teacher/topic) (1)

  4. Would the math clinic experience be improved if separate classes for undergraduates and graduates are created? Definitely (2)

Are there any comments you wish to make about the math clinic? No comments

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