Homework Assignments and Answers

Since all the exercises in the text are assigned as homework, I will not specify them here. On those rare occasions when I don't think that an exercise is profitable for you, I will specify in this section which exercises you should not do. Also, from time to time, there may be additional homework problems that I assign in class. These will be written out in the first section as well. Homework answers will be supplied only upon request. You must either e-mail me a request, or bring it up in class. I will either have the class work on the problem or supply the answer myself in the second section as soon as I am able to.

Homework Non-Assignments

From Stinson, Combinatorial Designs: Constructions and Analysis

Additional Assignments

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Requested Homework Answers

To request that a homework answer be posted here, just fill in the page and problem number and click on submit (for example Page: 31 Problem: 1.6.9) below:

This is a service for students in the class, please do not fill it out if you are not enrolled

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Requested Homework Answers:
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