Links to related Web Pages

Alexander Bogomolny's Introduction to Proofs Page (CTK Software)
Contains a number of nicely presented proofs.

Peter Alfeld's Understanding Math Page (University of Utah)
Contains a lot of hints to get over the hurdles of understanding mathematics and proofs.

Leslie Lamport's Writing Proofs Page (DEC)
Two papers - the first is probably more useful - on how to write proofs, can be downloaded as .ps, .dvi or latex files.

Handbook of Combinatorial Designs
This web page supports the above book (written by Jeff Dinitz and Charlie Colburn) and it contains a table of contents for the book and sections on new results since the publication of the Handbook. A good resource.
Jeff Dinitz's Links to Design Web Pages
Why work when I can just point to Jeff's labors.

Wolfram's Entry on Strongly Regular Graphs
Not much here, but some pretty pictures.

An intensive course on matrix methods for studying Strongly Regular Graphs - W.Haemers (.pdf file)
This intensive course is not for the faint of heart.

Peter Cameron's preprint on Strongly Regular Graphs (.ps file)
A book chapter that is well worth looking at.

Citeseer's listing of citations on Strongly Regular Graphs
Citations and crosslistings for the above paper by Cameron.

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