Links to related Web Pages

Menezes, van Oorschot and Vanstone, Handbook of Applied Cryptography
This standard text/reference book can be downloaded from this site.
Trinity College's Historical Cryptography
Many interesting items to be found on this Dept. Computer Science website.
Gary Kessler's An Overview of Cryptography
Another good source for infomation.
Quadralay's Cryptography Archive
Some interesting stuff with many links to other pages.
Doug Stinson's Cryptography Page
Contains textbook errata, exams, and supplementary material.
Kevin McCurley's Cryptology Course
Undergraduate course CS 431 given at the University of New Mexico in Fall '95.
Alan Sherman's Cryptology Course
Graduate courses CS 652 given at the University of Maryland in Spring '97 and Spring '95.
Hypertext Bibliography Project
Linked bibliographies of many CS journals, includes cryptographic journals.
Usenet Cryptography FAQ
Lots of info on Beale, Feynman, Voynich, Swiss Colony and VCR+ ciphers, culled from the usenet.
National Security Agency's Museum Tour
A picture tour of items of historical interest maintained in the NSA museum.
RSALabs Data Security
Commerical producers of RSA based products. Of interest is their listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Technical Notes and Reports. Also, check out the various cryptographic challenges (contests). Web-based efforts to win such contests can be joined at Distributed Net.
MIT's PGP page.
Lots of information about the public domain program, Phil Zimmerman and free downloads of the latest versions.

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