Textbook Errata

Text Book Cover Text: Trappe & Washington, Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, 2nd Ed. Prentice-Hall, 2006

One of the authors maintains an errata list for this edition (it is a .pdf file, you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed to view it). Below you will find a copy of this errata list as of 9/24/2007. I will try to maintain it, but to be sure you should check the author's list. Errors that are not on the authors' list will be given below in red.

If you discover an error that is not on the list, you can e-mail it to me now using the subject line text error, and I will post it here and forward it to the authors.

In the list below, positive line numbers indicate from the top of the page, while negative ones indicate counting from the bottom of the page.

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