Course Syllabus - Spring 1996

From the College Catalog : Major emphasis is on applied combinatorics and combinatorial algorithms, with applications in computer science and operations research. Topics include general counting methods, generating functions, recurrence relations, inclusion-exclusion and block designs.

Prerequisites: Math 4408 (Applied Graph Theory) and Math 3140 (Modern Algebra)

I will agree to waive one, but not both, of the prerequisites.

Text: Cameron, Combinatorics; Topics, Techniques, Algorithms, Cambridge 1994 (The text may be ordered directly from the publisher by clicking on the title)

Exams: There will be two (2) hourly in-class exams (see schedule below) and a comprehensive final.

Homework: Homework will be assigned weekly. These assignments are considered the minimum that should be done. After the first week of class, every week either the assignment will be collected and graded or a short quiz will be given on the homework material in class.

Students may be expected to put homework assignments on the board (details will be discussed in class).

Grades: The final grade will be determined as follows:

The 2 hourly exams - 50%
Homework and Quizzes - 20%
Final Exam - 30%

There's no curving of exam grades : A(100-90) B(89-80) C(79-70) D(69-60) F( < 60). Plusses and minuses may be used in final grades at my discretion.


Note: Any and all of the above is open to negotiation.

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