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Graph Theory Lessons, by Chris Mawata of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Excellent set of lessons at the undergraduate level. Good use of animation.

Graph Theory Page, by Stephen Locke at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton).
A good resource, lots of links, definitions, examples, etc. Geared to graduate level, but don't let that scare you off. Maintained by a highly respected graph theorist.

Graph Theory and its Applications, by Jonathan Gross and Jay Yellen.
This is the website for our text.

Open Problems in Graph Theory
A listing, with explanations and examples of unsolved problems in graph theory suitable for undergraduate research projects.

Graph Theory Tutorials, by Chris K. Caldwell at University of Tennessee at Martin.
This has three tutorials: Introduction to Graph Theory, Euler Circuits and Paths, and Coloring Problems. Each includes a short quiz. (At the "register" request, just enter any ID and any password.)

Mathmania Graph Theory, by Rob Scharein at University of British Columbia.
This has tutorials, exercises (4 levels), activities, and a glossary (though small). Special emphasis on graph colorings.

Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm Animation in Java , by Carla Laffra at PACE.
This uses Java applet to animate Dijkstra's algorithm. There are prepared examples, and the student can specify his/her own. The animation can be continuous, or the student can "step" through the labeling process.

Alexander Bogomolny's Introduction to Proofs Page (CTK Software)
Contains a number of nicely presented proofs.

Peter Alfeld's Understanding Math Page (University of Utah)
Contains a lot of hints to get over the hurdles of understanding mathematics and proofs.

Leslie Lamport's Writing Proofs Page (DEC)
Two papers - the first is probably more useful - on how to write proofs, can be downloaded as .ps, .dvi or latex files.

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