Links to related Web Pages

David Royster's Hyperbolic Geometry course (University of North Carolina - Charlotte).
A course given in Fall 1996 which is similar to ours but uses a different text. Extensive notes.

Alexander Bogomolny's Introduction to Proofs Page (CTK Software)
Contains a number of nicely presented proofs.

Peter Alfeld's Understanding Math Page (University of Utah)
Contains a lot of hints to get over the hurdles of understanding mathematics and proofs.

Leslie Lamport's Writing Proofs Article
A paper on how to write proofs, can be downloaded as .ps file

Euclid's Elements, annotated by David E. Joyce at Clark University.
This is an excellent web tour through one of the greatest works of all time.

University of British Columbia's Pythagorean Theorem.
A java animated proof of the famous theorem.

Geometry and the Imagination, by John Conway, Peter Doyle, Jane Gilman, and Bill Thurston at University of Minnesota.
This is a set of notes (html or postscript) used in a 2-week course. Subjects include How to knit a Möbius Band, Descartes' Formula, Hyperbolic Geometry, and many more.

Geometry in Action, by David Eppstein at UC Irvine.
This gives applications of (computational) geometry and related areas of discrete mathematics.

Geometry Center at University of Minnesota
This contains graphics, software, video productions and course materials. Their Gallery of Interactive Geometry includes Projective Conics, which includes graphics and proofs of the theorems by Pascal and Brianchon on conics and hexagons.

The following use Geometer's Sketchpad, from the Geometry Center at University of Minnesota. More of these are at "Geometry Turned On," Swarthmore University.
  1. Monge's Theorem, by Eduardo Tabacman at University of Minnesota.
  2. Discovery and Dissection of a Geometric Gem, by Douglas R. Hofstadter at Indiana University.

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