Other Resources for this Course

On-Line Tutoring
There is an on-line mathematics tutoring service available to all UCD students. It can be accessed at www-math.cudenver.edu and select "On-Line Mathematics Tutoring". The tutors are from CSU, CU-Boulder and CU-Denver at varying times, with a spring schedule to come soon.

The Center for Learning Assistance
The Center for Learning Assistance is where students go to get help or insight with class assignments, course-loads and study skills. The Center also helps with arranging tutoring sessions, which take place in the days or evenings.

North Classroom (NC) Room 2006
Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm
Friday 8am-5pm

Program Access for Persons with Disabilities
The University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center is committed to providing reasonable accommodations and access to programs and services to persons with disabilities. Students should contact the Disabilities Services Offices.

Arts Building 177

Academic Advising Center
This office serves as the first point of contact for students who are pre-business, pre-engineering, or who have not declared a major in CLAS or CAM. In addition, the center provides general information and resource referral to all students.

North Classroom (NC) Room 1503

Career Center
The Career Center offers a full array of services that prepare students for career success, such as resume help, internship and career counseling and they have a large career library.

Located in the Tivoli Student Center.

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