Math 5008

Uses and Discovery of the History of Mathematics

Summer 2006



Bill Cherowitzo


Jim Loats


Carmen Rubino


Course Description: In a "hands-on" approach, students will examine the people, events, ideas and issues from the history of mathematics. The focus will be on historical topics that are central to the discipline, especially those related to the middle school mathematics curriculum. There will be an emphasis on the appropriate use of the web to research historical topics of interest to the students.

Meeting Dates and Times: This course will meet from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with approximately 1 hour for lunch on the following dates:

Week 1: June 5 - 9 Week 2: June 12 - 16

Attendance: is mandatory due to the intense nature of the course. Any time missed will have to be made up by arranging with the instructors. More than one day missed brings forfeiture of stipend and credit.

Credit:Four hours of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences graduate credit from the University of Colorado, will be awarded upon successful completion of the course. Registration for the course and payment of the $300 tuition is mandatory.

Stipends: A $1500 stipend will be awarded to RM-MSMSP partner district participants upon successful completion of the course. An additional $1500 will be awarded when the corresponding Structured Follow-Up is completed in the fall. Only partner district participants are eligible for stipends.

Assignments and Grading: Every student will have two oral presentations and one written document that will serve as a basis for grading. Each of these will be graded pass-fail and an A in the course will be achieved if all three grades are passes, a B if there are only two passes and a C for only one. The instructors reserve the right to adjust grades using plusses and minuses to reflect student participation in the course.

Materials & Supplies: We will provide a textbook and a folder to hold the course materials. You are expected to bring writing materials and paper. No calculators or auxiliary math paraphernalia will be needed.

Innovation Project:One of the requirements for successful completion of the fall (or spring) Structured Follow Up course is implementation of an Innovation Project.Each of the RM-MSMSP courses has its own Innovation Project requirements.this course is to turn in an outline of your Innovation Project.