Lecture Notes

Lecture NotesTopics
Who are the historians?
(.pdf file)
What is written over the door of Plato's Academy?
Philosophy of Mathematics
(.pdf file)
The applied mathematics scheme. What is pure mathematics?
Circle Squarers I
(.pdf file)
Ahmes Papyrus, Greek Geometers, Archimedes, Early values of pi.
Circle Squarers II
(.pdf file)
Transcendence of pi. Circle Squarers. pi and computers.
Ishango Bone
(.pdf file)
Oldest known mathematicial artifact?
Plimpton 322
(.pdf file)
Babylonian tablet
Quadratic Problems
(.pdf file) - Part I
(.pdf file) - Part II
False position used to solve quadratics
Cubic Formula
(.pdf file)
Depressing an equation, higher degree polynomials
The Problem of Points
(.pdf file)
How to divide the stakes when a game of chance is interupted
Is the text reliable? (.ppt file)How do you determine authenticity of old texts?

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