Advances in Sensitivity Analysis and Parametric Programming
Tomas Gal and Harvey J. Greenberg (Eds.)

Published by Kluwer Academic Press in the
Edited by Frederick S. Hillier.

Table of Contents

Foreward, by Saul I. Gass
Chapter 1. A Historical Sketch, by Tomas Gal
Chapter 2. A System Perspective, by Heiner Müller-Merbach
Chapter 3. Linear Programming 1: Basic Principles, by Harvey Greenberg
Chapter 4. Linear Programming 2: Degeneracy Graphs, by Tomas Gal
Chapter 5. Linear Programming 3: Tolerance Approach, by Richard Wendell
Chapter 6. The Optimal Set and Optimal Partition Approach for Linear and Quadratic Programming, by Arjan Berkelaar, Kees Roos and Tamás Terlaky
Chapter 7. Network Models, by Gerald Thompson
Chapter 8. Qualitative Sensitivity Analysis, by Antoine Gautier, Daniel Granot and Frieda Granot
Chapter 9. Integer and Mixed-Integer Programming, by Charles Blair
Chapter 10. Nonlinear Programming, by Arne Drud and Leon Lasdon
Chapter 11. Multi-Criteria and Goal Programming, by Jerald Dauer and Yi-Hsin Liu
Chapter 12. Stochastic Programming and Robust Optimization, by Hercules Vladimirou and Stavros Zenios
Chapter 13. Redundancy, by Richard Caron, Arnon Boneh and Shahar Boneh
Chapter 14. Feasibility and Viability, by John Chinneck
Chapter 15. Fuzzy Mathematical Programs, by Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann

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